We’re delighted to be a core partner in the Dstl SERAPIS framework

The Future Photonics Hub, representing the University of Southampton is delighted to be included as one of the core framework partners in the new Dstl SERAPIS framework agreement. The SERAPIS framework focuses on the areas of C4ISR:

  • Command, control, computers, communication, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance,
  • Space systems,
  • Synthetic environments, and,
  • Simulation technology.

It has been set up to enable Dstl to reach the most diverse expertise available. The Framework is comprised of 6 Lots, with the Hub participating as a core partner on Lot 1 with the following scope outline:


Lot 1: ‘Collect’ covers the development and Integration of new and emerging ISTAR ‘Collect’ technology and techniques into the wider defence and cross-government ISTAR enterprise. Includes a broad range of conventional and novel sensing technology (incl. gravity and biometric sensing) and information collection capabilities.

Targeted calls will be issued under the framework, and the aim is to reach non-traditional defence suppliers, small and medium-sized enterprises and academia, as well as traditional defence suppliers, in order to develop new capabilities for the UK’s defence and security.


There could be ample opportunities for those active in photonics, and we would encourage you to register your interest in the Framework by contacting the Lead partner Roke Manor at roke-serapis-lot1@roke.co.uk

More information on the SERAPIS framework