About us

Our mission is to secure the UK’s position as a leading innovator in the high value global photonics market by transferring new, practical and commercial process technologies to industry.

We bridge the gap between academic research and product development, uniting the UK science base with industry and funding agencies to co-invest in R&D.

Technology platforms

Large scale manufacturing of Metamaterials and 2D Materials

Developing cost-effective, reliable and volume-scalable methods to fabricate these novel materials in order to enable their practical exploitation in applications such as telecommunications, displays and sensors.

Light Generation and Delivery

User-driven manufacturing processes will increase the integration and unification of diverse manufacturing platforms in III-V epitaxy, metamaterials, Si-SOI fabrication methods and functional fibre geometries.

High Performance Silica Optical Fibres

Optical fibres are essential components in many photonic devices and systems – from sensing to amplifying light. The key challenge in manufacturing fibre is improving its loss, gain and power handling characteristics.

Silicon Photonics

Achieving integration with optical fibres, light sources and key processes of wafer level manufacturing to enable devices such as low cost transceivers for data centres and mid-infrared sensors.

Annual reports

The Future Photonics Hub is proud to be constantly innovating and furthering the development of photonics research. Read our annual reports for more details on the research we facilitate.

Meet our team

The team at The Future Photonics Hub combines a mixture of expertise and skills to ensure that we have a team that is at the forefront of research. Find out more about our team and the skillsets they bring to photonics research.

We respond to the needs of industry by creating new photonics materials, devices and components, designed to be easy to manufacture and integrate with existing technologies.

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